Convert My Tracks KML files to DDMS-compatible KML files

How to

  1. Copy and paste the KML file into the first textarea (or drag it onto the window).
  2. Done! Converted version is in the second textarea; you can now copy and paste it to a new file and import it into DDMS, or use it with my track replayer.
  3. \o/ Enjoy! \o/

∼ Disclaimer ∼

None of your data is sent to the server; it's all done with client side Javascript, in your computer (view the source if you don't believe me).

You don't need to sign in with your Google ID either, unlike other similar tools ;-)


If this page helped you, please consider buying one of my Android apps in the Market :-D

For example: if you simply want to capture "raw" GPS data, GPS Capture Pro is a nifty little app way lighter than My Tracks, and the generated KML is compatible with DDMS.